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Royal is a casual apparel brand Est. in Kalamazoo, MI, 2017. The name Royal was chosen to give a sense of empowerment to the wearer, as they show their "crown" to the world and feel as if they are Royalty. The logo was designed to make that crown stand out, until you take a closer look at the word "Royal" hidden right in. A subliminal yet bold statement of power.


Mission Statement

When you hear the word “Royal”, you think of someone of importance, someone of high prestige and power, like a King or Queen. Royal Clothing Brand started with the idea that anybody can become Royalty, and our mission here is to continue making everyone who puts on an item of ours feel like one of the Noble, the Elite, the Royal.

We invite you to browse our site to find just what you have been looking for, shop Royal Clothing Brand today.


You Asked, We Answered

What is your
return policy?

Returns are available on items in an undamaged, like-new condition within 30 days of the customer receiving the product. There is no return fee, but customers will be subject to the payment of the shipping fee to send the item(s) back, and will be refunded the amount of the product and shipping fee upon approval that the items meet the criteria for return.

Are there shipping Charges?

Shipping fees are guaranteed with every online order, shipping fees may vary depending on the geolocation of the customer, weight of the order, and time of year.

What are the payment options?

We accept all major card systems, including paypal and square.

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